Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Web Files Mystery

I can't believe that I have almost made it through my first year of teaching. I'm very excited about the next few weeks because we can do FUN activities for the last five weeks of school. Next week I am planning a whole mystery unit to do. I'm using the book The Web Files to focus on this genre and summarizing. Lots of information I'm using for this book came from HERE.
The Web Files

I plan on having my kiddos practice their questioning and letter writing by writing letters to the author and illustrator. I even plan on sending them to them!!! I wonder if they will write them back. Oh how excited they would be if they got letters back!

I'm also planning on using The Robbery at the Diamond Dog Diner. They will watch the Reading Rainbow version HERE.
The Robbery at the Diamond Dog Diner

The final book I plan on using is Detective LaRue. I love this cute book about a dog writing letters to his master from jail. My kiddos will have to make inferences about what really happened to all the creatures at the end of the book. I'm planning some cute activities to go along with this book as well. I'll post next week! :)
Detective LaRue: Letters from the Investigation
Does anyone have any good mystery books or activities they use? I'd love to hear them! :)

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