Monday, April 16, 2012

Looking on the Positive Side

Well, my week got progressively worse towards the end, but luckily picked up today. I got good news which was a much needed pick me up! My kids start the CRCT, Georgia Standardized Testing, on Wednesday. I really feel like they are prepared. Everything I've been teaching for the past year seems to be more challenging than the questions on practice tests. Could this be a good thing or bad thing? I guess only time will tell! :)

I've been working on a cool new graphing center that you can see below. I hope to have it finished sometime soon! Thanks for all your prayers with my dilemma. I'll announce the good news whenever I get the go-ahead! :)



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  2. Oh CRCT! our favorite end of the year present, right? :)

    I am so sorry to read about the possible move. Things are looking pretty bad in our district as well. You will definitely be in my thoughts!