Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Must Have Picture Books

Well, I had my stuff all ready for Monday Made It yesterday, but had an incredibly crazy day. Hubby and I went looking for houses. This is round 3 after two failed attempts, one of which we waited 8 months for. Yes, you read that correctly....8 MONTHS! But, we found a house we LOVE and think that it was in God's plan for us to find the one we did last night. Now hopefully all this comes through! :)

Now for the good stuff. I LOVE picture books. What elementary school teacher doesn't? I've linked up with Lindsey over at the The Teacher Wife for Must Have Picture Books. (They are in no particular order)
The Teacher Wife
Barf Burger Baby: I used this book to teach expression, and as a reward when my kids were great. They would BEG and BEG for me to read this book. It is hilarious, if I do say so myself. It does not have much literary value, but hey, it's good for some humor! :)
Barfburger Baby, I Was Here First

The Lorax: Who doesn't love this book? This is my favorite Dr. Seuss book and is great for teaching so many different things such as rhyming words, the earth, conservation, fiction, etc. You could do so much with this book.

I Wanna Iguana: Such a fun book! I used this, among many others, as a fun introduction for letter writing, particularly persuasive letters. The kids thought the letters were hilarious, and it really taught them how to put some of their personality in to the letters they wrote.
I Wanna Iguana

First Day Jitters: I have to include this book just because of how it relates to my first year of teaching last year. I love how the whole book you think it's just Sarah the kid who doesn't want to go to her new school. This book describes me perfectly on my first day of my first year of teaching. With not being able to even get in my classroom until 48 hours before children came in the building, I was TERRIFIED and nervous as all get out. Such a great icebreaker on the first day of school. :)
First Day Jitters

Fancy Nancy: I LOVE FANCY NANCY!!! I'm serious. I wish that they would have had Fancy Nancy books when I was younger. I think that every birthday party would have probably been Fancy Nancy themed. What a great book to teach synonyms for "dead" words, as we call them in my classroom. I just love all the Fancy Nancy books!!!
Fancy Nancy

I know I have so many more favorites. I'm actually a nonfiction girl, too. My kiddos LOVED nonfiction, which is great with the Common Core finally coming into Georgia! Can't wait to go read all the other linkys!!! :) 


  1. I love the name Bentley for a bulldog.
    The Hive

  2. Great book list! I am your newest follower and would love for you to follow me!
    Can't wait to share!
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  3. First Day Jitters!! Such a good book! I just found your blog :)

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

  4. Well funny to stumble on your blog....we just finally got a contract and were in the very same position as you. Looking back at the others we were so disappointed to lose, makes me appreciate the one we found so much more! Congratulations...here's to hoping this is the "one!" Great blog and newest follower. :)

  5. Barfburger Baby looks hysterical! As long as a story makes children want to read and be read to, then it's literary value is priceless. I'm adding it to my wishlist for sure!
    The Meek Moose

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  7. What a fun list. I don't think I have read Barfburger Baby, I think I may have to find that this summer! I am now your 67th follower :)
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  8. I agree about Fancy Nancy! If I have a little girl, her room WILL be decked out in true Fancy Nancy fashion. I've even read one of her books to my 4th graders (teaching them the importance of using more expressive adjectives), and they were fascinated by it.

    I'm a GA girl, too! Graduated from Mercer, but then I moved up to VA.

    The Dalton Gang

  9. I love "First Day Jitters" too! However, Fancy Nancy is one character that I feel like I can relate to! :)

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  11. I use "I Wanna Iguana" every year when I introduce the letter Ii!!! Great list and super cute blog! Thanks for sharing!

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