Sunday, July 7, 2013

Organization Linky Party

Hello again! I hope everyone had a magnificent July 4th. Here in Georgia, it has rained since Wednesday....literally. I think Friday we had ten glorious minutes of sun, so the hubby and I ran down to the pool before the monsoon started again! According to the weather forecast, there is no sun in sight! UGH!!

I'm joining up with Elizabeth over at Fun in Room 4B to show some ways that I organize in my classroom. This year we had an extra day of post-planning that was supposed to be a furlough day. I guess the county was feeling generous and gave it back to us! :)

I'm OBSESSED with organization in my classroom. It drives me crazy to have stacks of papers on my desk (probably because I use the small group table for my desk....I just don't have enough room). So I've made lots and lots of labels to try my best to stay organized!

I bought all of these clear bins from the container store. They are WONDERFUL!! They are much better quality than their Dollar Tree counterparts! I have pretty much everything I need right behind my desk on this shelf. I typically keep glue sticks, crayons, and scissors down towards the bottom so my "supply helper" can grab them out for a student in need with my permission. It keeps me from having to stop what I'm doing to go dig out supplies for a student who lost his/hers or ran out! **You can grab these labels HERE!! :)
I have lots of these pink bins I got from Walmart to hold seasonal materials and some units. I made these lovely chevron labels below! As you can see, I'm still in the process of labeling (we got kicked out for the summer before I could finish).
I absolutely LOVE this rolling cart! I didn't have it labeled last year and always forgot which drawer was for what and where things were. So, I made some MORE labels to help make my life a little easier! :)
Don't forget to download the free labels in the post above! Go join up the linky party if you have some good organization ideas! :) 


  1. I LOVE the way you use that rolling cart!! I need to do something like that!



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